Database Creation and Management

Database creation and management is the backbone of data analysis. Customized data warehouses are created for efficient data comparison and retrieval. Our firm utilizes multiple programs to create reliable databases that archive information ranging from small projects to large commercial organizations.

Data Mining

Data mining consists of in-depth exploration of your data to discover trends and relationships based on your desired target. Only the most powerful data mining tools are used to maximize the usage of your information. Each data mining effort is customized based on proprietary client needs through kick-off planning and multiple touch points throughout the life of the engagement.

Data Visualization

Data visualization allows your data to be seen. Brooks Analytics has the ability to create elaborate visualizations for consumers directly in your field, or simplified versions for an end user. Efficient visual representation is used to present your information to any audience.

Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics is where your data begins to work for your future. Your current data is evaluated to create predictions on where your company is likely to go. Through the use of analytic exploration, your data becomes the foundation to your next step by allowing you to immediately prepare for tomorrow.

Business Strategy

Business strategy prepares your data findings in a concise action oriented plan specific to your business needs. Each business strategy is tailored to your identified target. Brooks Analytics will work with you throughout the implementation process, as you move forward with integration.